Department of Human Resources

The Human Resources Management Department performs the activities related to:

– prepares the annual program for the work of the department;

– takes care of the correct application of legal and bylaws in the field of human resources;

– realizes regular communication and cooperation with the other human resources departments of the administrative bodies in order to discover human potentials and gives a proposal for employment without a public announcement from one authority to another;

– participates in the implementation of the organizational development of the body that addresses the issues of planning, employee development, employee retention, change management, employee training;

– monitor the development of the organizational culture in the body;

– advise and cooperate with other managers on issues related to human resources management;

– write the Draft-Rulebook on systematization of the positions in the body;

– prepares questions for the special part of the professional and apprenticeship exam;

– prepares the forms for assessment of civil servants in the municipal administration;

– conduct an analysis of the need for training of civil servants;

– drafts a draft annual training program for civil servants;

– monitors the implementation of the Code of Ethics of Civil Servants and, where necessary, prepares reports;

– keeps personal files and maintains the database of civil servants and submits information about the changes in the Civil Servants Register;

– realizes the principle of publicity and transparency in the work of the bodies of the municipality; – keeps a protocol for the needs of the municipal bodies;

– inform citizens and provide free access to information of public character: receive and act on oral and written complaints of the citizens;

– cooperates with the Civil Servants Agency;

– conduct disciplinary proceedings;

– coordinating, organizing and improving the cooperation between non-governmental organizations and local self-government;

– perform other activities that will be placed within its competence by an act of the Council or the Mayor of the municipality.

Contact person:

Suzana Krstova tel. 071-324-697


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