Future Projects

1. “Improving the environment through landscaping and communal landscaping on the shores of the river Boshavica” – Period of implementation 15.04.2018-15.10.2019
2. Reconstruction on the street 11th of October in the length of 158 meters – Period of implementation 11.03.2019-03.06.2019
3. “Equipping Multipurpose Hall in the House of Culture” MIRKA GINOVA “in Demir Kapija” – Period of implementation 06.03.2019-24.06.2019
4. “Arrangement of the picnic area Došnica (water supply and sanitation)” – Period of implementation 18.03.2019-01.07.2019
5. “Reconstruction of the access road to agricultural areas in the municipality of Kosh” – Period of implementation 10.04.2019-21.06.2019
6. Setting up energy-efficient street lighting along the roundabout Demir Kapija, 11th Street Octomvri, the new bridge and the shore of the river Boshavitsa – Period of implementation 04.02.2019-06.12.2019

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