Geographical position


The municipality of Demir Kapija is located in the southern part of Macedonia, ie the southeastern part of the Tikvesh valley, of an extremely important geographical and strategic position. The municipality lies in the coordinates between 22 ° 00 “and 22 ° 30” wide and 41 ° 15 “and 41 ° 30” long, with an average height of 622 m above sea level.

The Tikvesh valley mainly covers the area of ​​the middle course of the Vardar River, from its expansive Veles to the northwest to the Demir Kapija gorge in the south-east. In the subordinate sense, the term Tikvesh means the plains of the two sides of the river Vardar, known as the Povardarie, beginning to the northwest from the mouth of Bregalnica in Vardar, to the southeast to the mouth of Boshavitsa, then the valley of Crna Reka from the expiration and from The Tikvesh gorge to the inflow into the Vardar River, the wavy terrains and river valleys that lie between Crna and Boshavica, as well as the low slopes of the mountains that surround the valley from the neighboring areas.

The boundaries of the Tikvesh valley in the northeast and east are the wreaths of the Konecka Mountains (Serta) southeastern and western, the wreaths and branches of the Mariovo – Muggen mountains, while its northwestern border is the low mountain of Klapa.

The municipality of Demir Kapija borders with the neighbouring municipalities: Negotino, Kavadarci, Gevgelija, Valandovo and Konce. It is bordered by the municipality of Negotino from Crveni hrid after the inflow of Przdevska river in Vardar and the mountain of Sverdkina, continues through a level above the village. First of all, it passes through a large hill and ends up to the Boshkov slope. The border with the municipality of Kavadarci starts from the Boshkova slating through the mountains of Omot and Chuka, passes along the Marjanska Mountain to the summit. It is a short bend where from the top Cold Head to Stoder, the Windmill, through the river Vardar, after the river Lutkovo, borders the municipality of Valandovo. After Mount Krk mosque, the top Bel Kamen, across the White Rid and the high hill, the border with Konce ends up at Crveni Reed.

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