House of Culture “Mirka Ginova” – Demir Kapija

In the municipality of Demir Kapija, there is a House of Culture, whose members in the unit of scenic musical autonomy are:

Kud Mirka Ginova;
Drama Theater Mirka Ginova;
The People’s Orchestra;
Tamburitza Orchestra;
Singing group;
The ballet group.
In 1963 a drama section Mirka Ginov was formed, which later turned into an amateur theater Mirka Ginova who as such works to this day.

The Cultural and Artistic Association Mirka Ginova works within the framework of the House of Culture established in 1963 and actively works by cherishing the traditional customs and the Macedonian folk folklore arises from these parts of Macedonia.

Within the municipality there is also a public library that has 2100 books and brochures.

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