JOUDG “Boris Trajkovski” – Demir Kapija

PMICG “Boris Trajkovski” as an object is normative and intentionally built and fully suited for the needs of the children. The capacity of the children is 60 children.

The kindergarten has a 301 m usable area and a 552 m yard area.

The pre-school institution as the most favorable social environment has the most optimal conditions for the development of all the potentials and abilities of the child.

Organizing life in the YES. “Boris Trajkovski” for day-long stay is determined by the goals of raising children, but also from the very role of the kindergarten for the psycho-physical development of the child.

The kindergarten has 4 rooms for care and educational activity. Accordingly, in all of these there are adequate activities. /

In the kindergarten “Boris Trajkovski” 60 children are taken care of which an elder group consists of 6 children, a small group of 13, a middle group of 13 and a large group of 28.

The activity of child care starts from 6:30. Until 17:00.

In the kindergarten “Boris Trajkovski”, the foster care and upbringing of children is accomplished through: stay, foster care, nourishment, upbringing, education, sports recreation,

Cultural and entertainment activities, measures and activities for the preservation of health and for encouraging the intellectual, emotional, physical, mental and social development of the child until the inclusion in the educational process.

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