Competencies of the Mayor:

It represents and represents the municipality;
Controls the legality of the council’s regulations;
It shall publish the regulations of the council in the official newspaper of the municipality;
Ensures the execution of the council’s decisions;
Ensures the execution of the works that are delegated to the municipality by law;
Initiates and proposes the adoption of regulations within the competence of the council;
Proposes the annual budget and the annual budget of the municipality;
Executes the municipal budget;
Elects public service directors established by the municipality on the basis of public competition;
It regularly informs the council about the performance of its competencies in accordance with the statute;
Decides in administrations works on rights, obligations and interests of legal entities and natural persons, in accordance with law;
Adopts a rulebook on the automation of the jobs of the municipal administration;
Manages the municipal administration;
Decides on the employment, rights, duties and responsibilities of the employees in the municipal administration, unless otherwise determined by law;
Provides proper and lawful use, maintenance and protection of the ownership of the municipality, in accordance with the law and the statute; and
Performs other activities determined by law and the statute.

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