Request for environmental permits

Documents needed to obtain B integrated environmental permit

According to the Law on Environment, from January 1, 2006, the implementation of the new legal obligations for the industry, concerning Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control, has started. This permit system is covered by two chapters in the law, chapter XII – Integrated Environmental Permits and Chapter XIV – Permits for compliance with operational plans.

The deadline for submitting applications for A and B integrated environmental permit has already begun and the first six months refers to installations for the production and processing of metals, as well as tanning leather (01.01.2006 until 01.07.2006).

The schedule for submitting requests for A and B integrated permit for the whole industry is determined by the Decree on determining the activities of installations for which an integrated environmental permit is issued, that is, an adjustment permit with an operational plan and a time schedule for submitting a request for a permit for compliance with operational plan (Official Gazette 89/05)


Operators of existing installations should submit an application for adjustment permit with an operational plan. The type of document (A or B) depends on the installation’s capacity. A request for an integrated environmental permit is submitted for new installations.

According to the type of installation and the purpose of the application, you can download one of the following documents. The documents required to submit a request and obtain a permit are:

Form for the operating plan: Download form

Form for submitting a request for B integrated environmental permit: Download request

Form for submitting request for B permit for alignment: Submit request


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